Meet the people behind the scene

Daniel Maggs

Daniel is our CEO. Daniel is a keen surfer and you can find him surfing the waves of South Wales in his spare time.

Matthew Hewitson

Matthew is our President. Matthew enjoys cooking and spending time with his family as well as trying to keep fit and healthy.

Natalie Stone

Natalie is our events director. Natalie loves to spend her spare time with her family as well as skiing and playing tennis.

Nadia Ashton

Nadia is our VP of Digitization Sales. Nadia enjoys travelling and if she's not abroad, she's in her motor-home exploring the UK.

Aled Weeks

Aled is our client relationship director and head of I.T. Aled loves playing golf and building websites in his spare time.

Aziz Fall

Aziz is our Special Advisor - Government Relations. Based out of Dakar, Senegal, in his spare time, Aziz loves cooking West African dishes.